Love Summer But Hate Your Sweaty, Uncomfortable, Blistery Feet?

Love Summer But Hate Your Sweaty, Uncomfortable, Blistery Feet?

Summer is great time of the season. Yet, if you are one of those people who have problems with your feet, it can ruin your fun. Avoid foot problems all together by wrapping your feet in a layer of Merino wool sock protection.

Instead of slipping on a pair of athletic socks that can trap moisture, cause odor and increase the likelihood of chaffing, try a pair of Merino Wool socks!

You may be saying to yourself, “Isn’t wool for winter?” Merino wool is a year around fabric that fights moisture, odor, regulates body heat and naturally fights foot bacteria.

Merino wool is a special kind of all natural fabric that caresses your feet in comfort. It whisks away 30% of its weight in moisture, regulates the foot’s temperature and protects from chaffing, blisters and rash. This kind of material will also eliminate foot odor, even when worn for multiple days.

When winter rolls around, Merino wool socks work in the opposite direction by creating a layer of insulation from the cold. Merino wool socks can be a lifesaver in a cold, wet environment. Hiking professionals are well versed in the hypothermia protection of Merino wool. Even when wet this fabric retains and regulates the foots temperature.

What Makes Merino Wool Socks So Great?

This particular kind of wool has the ability to move moisture away from the body, where it can evaporate into the air. The warmer your body becomes the more moisture and odor is transported away from the body.

This kind of wool can be worn for days without washing and resists odor and moisture build up. It can hold up to 30% of its own weight in moisture, yet still be dry to the touch.

Merino Wool Can Be Worn Year Around

This kind of wool is mostly used for socks. They can be worn year around. Merino wool has the ability to regulate the bodies temperature. In the summer the socks will keep the foot cool by removing moisture from the foot and transferring excess heat into the air.

During the winter the same sock will create a buffer between the cold air and foot keeping warm to fight off extreme cold temperatures.

If Merino Wool becomes wet, it will still keep the foot warm. It is a great barrier against hypothermia as it aggressively fights off cold even when the material is wet.

Hate Socks That Make Your Feet Smell?

Merino wool fights foot bacteria that causes odor. Whether a person is on a day outing or a five-day hike without a change of socks, the fabric will not break down in its ability to keep your feet smelling great!

Hate How Wool Socks Make You Itch?

No one loves a sock that makes them itch. The wool fabric on these socks are tighter and more flexible than your everyday regular wool. When this fabric is pressed up against your skin all you feel is comfort. Never feel the itch from socks ever again.

Need Sun Protection?

This wool naturally blocks the sun’s harmful rays. Carrying a few extra pairs can be a lifesaver.

Want to Save Some Money on Anti-Static Dryer Sheets?

Static build up can be tough on clothes and also on the skin. Merino wool fights static. Wearing a pair of socks can reduce the static on your body.

Throw in a pair of Merino wool socks into your dryer with a load of clothes and you have yourself a natural anti-static dryer sheet. Save money on dryer sheet and wash your socks with your clothes.

What is the Best Kind of Merino Wool

If you are looking for Merino Wool socks, the best sock for your money is made up of 100% Merino. There are plenty of blends out there that have 75%, 66% or less Merino wool. As the percentage of wool decrease so will the benefits you read about in this article. A 100% of Merino wool sock will provide you the highest protection that you expect from a great fabric like Merino wool.