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"This is actually a agreat product! I thought they would be too good to be true, but they delivered 100% warmth in extreme cold and snow!
With or without any other socks underneath, the socks will keep your feet cozy, warm and dry.Thank you so much! It was a long search to find socks that could keep feet warm in such severe weather!"


"Excellent product supported by excellent customer service. Socks are comfortable, warm, fit well, and are machine washable...a great product to supplement my limited supply of Irish sheep wool socks. The service provided was personal and very responsive. I'll be back for more."


"Thick and cushiony. Good for cold weather and protection from blisters when hiking."


"Found them to be very warm and comfortable. I suffer from neuropathy in my feet and my feet are always cold. These socks are not constricting and so far are keeping my feet nice and warm."


"Love these socks. Feel sensational and fit well. Just the right thickness and 100% merino wool. Bought three pair and will be buying more. Great for your emergency bag or G.O.O.D. bag. And yes, just for normal stuff too like walking the around the house on wood and tile floors when it's chilly outside. Will be my hiking boots socks of choice!!"


"This is actually a great product. I was shocked to see a pair of socks advertised as 100% Merino Wool. It seemed to good to be true, or rather like a gimmick to get you to buy them. But, no. THIS REAL! Finally!!!! It came really fast after I ordered, exactly as illustrated. And boy, was it sheer pleasures to sink my feet into cushiony, cozy, plush, trailing socks. NON-SWEATY. How much more comfy can you get, than each and every step you give is carressed by heavenly woven 100% authentic merino wool?? This is a steal of a deal. Price, Value - FIVE STARS! Great as a gift for the great guy in your life."